Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Uncertain future.

With the devastating earthquake in April 25, 2015 in Nepal, causing a massive destruction of houses, buildings, human lives. What next after it? This is the question everyone is asking about and the answer to this question is lost somewhere in the horizon. The reason for this question to be raised is because of the unstable condition of Nepal.  The people who have successful survived the earthquake may have felt lucky to be alive but now they are facing challenge in their everyday life. The people who were living in the most effect places of earthquake are still living in tents with no hope of building a new home. The minimal amount provided to them is not enough for their food then how can someone expect that will they build a new house for themselves.
Different NGO, INGO’s and other individual bodies or institution have been working for the relief materials to be sent to the earthquake victim, but they are not aware about the fact that only some of the victims has received it not even touching other half of the earthquake victim. Everyday has been hard for the earthquake victim and there is no answer on who would take the responsibility for it. They had endured the chilling winter and have not slept due to cold winter. And now the summer is approaching and the heat from the scorching sun make life at the tent harder for themselves. The future and hope seems diminishing for the victim.

Youth’s future is uncertain; children are not receiving education and thus leading to uncertain future. Even providing a small house has been delayed and there is no news of making a small house or to provide fund to the victim then how would one’s future is certain when they even don’t have a basic necessity to live. Everything direct to one question and that is who is responsible person or authority to provide the basic necessity for the victim? 

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